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Note: we will be charging HST starting in January

Beginning on January 2nd, 2012, ShamPoochies will be charging HST. This means if you previously came with a pre-written cheque for your dog's groom, please wait to fill in the amount, as the HST will change the total. Thanks!

Christmas Special!

With the donation of 3 or more items to the Food Bank, you will get a coupon worth $10 off your dog's next groom!
Just bring the items into ShamPoochies, and walk away feeling good about donating, as well as with a $10 coupon!

This promotion starts on November 14th, and will continue until December 23rd - after that you can still buy coupons from ShamPoochies in $10 or $20 denominations. Perfect for people who have a new puppy! The coupons can be used until
March 2, 2012.

'Little Extras'

Here's a quick list of the list of extras that we provide! And as always, feel free to ask for anything else!

  • Walk in nail trim: $5
  • Walk in face trim: $5
  • Nails, face and feet trim: $10
  • Painted nails - front: $5
  • Painted nails - all 4: $8
  • Bows - one: $3
  • Bows - two: $5
  • Blueberry facial: $3
  • Dematting: $40 per hour
  • FURminator treatment - small dog: $5
  • FURminator treatment - medium dog: $10
  • FURminator treatment - large dog: $15
  • FURminator treatment - extra-large dog: $20
  • Anal gland expression: $5
  • Walk in anal gland expression: $10

  • Testimonials / client feedback can be found here